The Leader in Commercial Specialty Vehicles
  • This command center is always on the move. Designed for responding to critical conditions, it’s built to take a beating. Unmatched engineering and top grade materials guarantee maximum durability and function, so you can count on your ride as much as others count on you. The command center is ideal for law enforcement, fire departments, emergency services, security, and major incident response teams. Our ability to tackle the most challenging custom jobs means your beast is ready to mobilize at a moments notice.

  • We know the work you do is important, and distance shouldn’t put you at a disadvantage. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating custom vehicles that tackle any assignment. Our exhaustive experience designing, constructing, and equipping vehicles for the most specialized industries has made us a leader in our field. And the valuable guidance we offer ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. From rolling medical clinics to mobile command centers, our mission is to provide you with the capability to complete your own.

  • These trailer units are equipped to the same specs as our motorized command centers. And like all of our units, our goal isn’t about making the most products, it’s about developing the best. We use the same top grade materials and technology as the largest specialty companies. But our closely integrated team takes the time to scrutinize every detail of production and design. Throughout development, we personally meet with you and build to your exact specifications. Details matter in your work. They matter in ours too.

  • Each of our units are constructed from the ground up, exactly what’s required to hit your target. Our command centers have been designed to include inside & outside work stations, conference rooms, satellite communications, & security control centers. We can accommodate any number of specialized features & our design options are limitless. Our multi-functional areas provide both room & versatility. Our ultimate aim is to supply the distinctive tools required to secure the success of your mission. From communication & tactical work stations to briefing operation areas & command offices, whatever your M.O., we’ll cover you.

  • It’s a smart ride driven by smart people. Our mobile medical units are perfect for those who believe the best way to spread good health is taking it to the streets. With access to the same technology and equipment used in your dentistry or medical office, your good work is sure to be infectious. When you need to bring medicine to the masses, we’ll get you mobile.

  • For operations on the go, we’re the best value in mobile healthcare. That’s because we customize every inch to your specifications. We’ve transformed units into rolling mammography & prostate centers, dentistry clinics, & blood mobiles to name just a few. From big equipment to subtle touches, our work is our reputation. We pay attention to detail & craftsmanship as much as any other aspect of construction. Our multi-functional areas create maximum efficiency with minimum space. Waiting, exam, & screening rooms double as educational areas & walls fold away for even more space. We prove that it’s never been easier to get a medical clinic ready to roll.

  • Aboard these mobile masterpieces space is tight, so designing for optimum efficiency is critical. Custom layouts & limitless floor plans allow you to make the most of your investment. Unlike many specialty vehicle companies who retrofit existing vehicles, all of our units are built from scratch. A product is only as good as the people behind it. That’s why our team includes some of the most accomplished experts in their fields. All dedicated to upholding razor sharp engineering standards & quality craftsmanship. We stand by our product 100% & offer lifetime service & support. By offering the industry’s best, we guarantee a unit that’s built to last the long haul.

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About Mobile Specialty Vehicles


Mobile Specialty Vehicles was founded as Mobile Medical Vehicles, Inc. and operated under the assumed name of Mobile Medical® in November of 1980 by Daniel S. Ayres.

The Ayres family has been true pioneers in the specialty and recreational vehicle industry and got their start in the early 1950’s. David Ayres, the father of Daniel Ayres, was one of the founding members and former president of the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA). The Ayres family operated 3 large and highly successful dealerships in Beaumont, Houston, and Dallas, Texas. The dealerships were also fully equipped up-fitters, as well as manufacturers, that built trailers from the ground up for such unique applications as atmospheric testing vehicles for the petroleum industry. Daniel got his start in the family business at the ripe age of 6 years old, first sweeping the shop and later working in the engineering and fabricating divisions, hand drawing these custom vehicles to be built from scratch. His eye for detail and his attention to customer service would later build the foundation for what would be the most prestigious name in specialty vehicles.



Daniel volunteered to sit on the board of the Deep East Texas Regional Health Center, a 330 Federally Funded Community Health Center. Daniel was later nominated and elected to be the Chairman and President. In this position, he brought his experience in specialty vehicles and applied it to healthcare. He quickly discovered that one of the primary problems with keeping the community healthy was access to healthcare. A health organization can keep its catchment area “well” for pennies versus thousands of dollars in Emergency Room visits for sickness and disease that could have easily been prevented. With a lifetime of specialty vehicle experience and a heart for the needs of the less fortunate, Mobile Medical® was born.


As Mobile Specialty Vehicles prospered and its reputation for producing high quality medical vehicles grew, more inquiries came in for vehicles of all types. The company has since grown to build vehicles for every manner of application on many different platforms, from command and control units, to mobile surgery trailers, and even medical boats. Mobile Specialty Vehicles builds them all and backs them with the industry’s best customer service.


Mobile Specialty Vehicles has built the most dynamic sales and operational forces in the industry and utilizes cutting edge technology to support its growth. Mobile Specialty Vehicles is today, a global company, fiscally strong with an assertive strategy toward continued expansion.  The outlook couldn’t be better, and the future is bright indeed.


Mobile Specialty Vehicles is the leader in commercial specialty vehicles of all types. We bring cutting edge innovation and creative solutions to the mobile command vehicle industry. When you need a mobile command center that is fully customized to your specifications, there is no better place to go than Mobile Specialty Vehicles. We provide specialty vehicles for a wide range of different industries including medical, dental, swat vehicles, and other custom military vehicles. Our experienced designers can custom create tactical vehicles, emergency vehicles, mobile dental units, mobile health units, and much more.


Mobile Specialty Vehicles are emergency vehicle manufacturers and mobile health van manufacturers offering everything from a custom designed mobile mammography van to mobile dental van units of all types. Each mobile medical unit is created according to your exact specifications and requirements. You can choose from small trailers and vans to motor coaches and semi-trucks. We have over 34 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile medical vehicles and mobile command trailers that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally designed. Our vehicles offer durability and longevity and our 100% in-house engineering allows us to custom create every detail to match our customer's visions.


Your mobile health van or command vehicle will include: One piece fiberglass interior walls (only found on the Lone Star), Electromagnetic locking doors, Easily sterilized surfaces, HEPA hospital grade filters (only found on the Lone Star)

Mobile Specialty Vehicles developed the new line of Lone Star Commercial motor coaches to fill the void in quality commercial motor coaches. We place unique structure, support brackets and plates into the walls that are built to specifications ensuring complete satisfaction and optimum performance.

Get started building your mobile health van today. To view each mobile clinic for sale or to custom design your own vehicle, contact us by calling (409)383-0521